With five programmed treatment modes, the Power Massager Pro will aid in recovery and will also target specific pain points you may be experiencing.  We recommend using the Warmup Tip for pre and post workout sessions, as well as for Deep Tissue massage areas.  We recommend using the Temperature Sensor prior to using the various treatment modes to establish your body's baseline skin and muscle temperature.  For best performance, optimal muscle temperature above 90 degrees F is a good indication of being ready to go.  The Warmup tip will heat to that temperature within two minutes.

For Warmup, Recovery or Deep Tissue, Neck or Lumbar treatments, power the device on and attach the red heating tip.  Press and hold the plus sign and the LED display will show a ball with movement.  Massage as desired.  When you can no longer feel the warmth of the tip, this indicates the muscle is at optimal temperature.

To increase speed of the Power Massager Pro, press the trigger to go from Speed 1, again to go to Speed 2 and once more to reach Speed 3.  The icon with arrows allow you to cycle through the various treatment modes.  Both the trigger and mode button cycle through the programs and then back to off with the power remaining on.

You can also use the included Vibrating or Black Ball Tip in these modes, though the tip will only heat if you have the red heating tip attached.

To use a program, press trigger, then circle icon. Warm up>>Recovery>>Neck>>Lumbar.  TO turn off at any time press and hold for 3 seconds, or remove the battery.