This ground-breaking Power Massager introduces technology to recovery!  With the special attachments, the Power Massager Pro will take your recovery to the next level and will improve your body's overall performance by enhancing flexibility, increasing your range of motion and will help prevent injury.

Before using the Power Massager Pro, be sure to fully charge the battery with the included international charger.  Attach the desired tip and adjust the arm to the desired position.  It will take 1 hour to fully charge.  The LED lights will illuminate to show battery level and will indicate active charging.  A red light indicates it is charging, and when green, your battery is fully charged.  It is not recommended to run the battery down completely.  Recharge it regularly to prolong the battery life.

Designed with a one touch trigger, you'll quickly see the benefit of being able to grip the Power Massager Pro in various positions, allowing you to access your entire body, targeting the desired treatment areas.To turn the Power Massager Pro on, press the Power Button on the black trip of the handle.  The Orange Light will illuminate indicating it is powered on. To turn it off, press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds, or simply remove the battery.  Note:  Holding the main trigger for 3 seconds powers the device off.