We are now offering financing to qualified buyers in the US
  • Qualified buyers can take advantage of financing your qualifying purchase for 6 months at for as little as 0% interest*

  • You'll will be able to choose the payment option that works best at checkout.  If you choose to finance with Klarna, once you accept the terms, you’ll know within seconds if you’re approved.  You’ll receive an email notification of your purchase from Klarna with instructions on managing your account and balance.

  • How do I make monthly payments?
    • You will receive a monthly statement with the remit to address visible.  You can either pay by check or can set up auto payments from your bank account.

  • Can I finance for longer than 6 months?
    • Yes, but for any duration longer than 6 months you will be charged interest on the outstanding balance due.  Visit Klarna.com for more details.
  • Can I pay it off at any time?
    • You can pay the outstanding balance at any time.