Ready to use your Pulse Massager? Here's some information about the various intensity levels you can choose. Try them all to see which works best to target your specific recovery needs!  We recommend that you start at the lowest intensity level and increase slowly until it's the perfect setting for your recovery.

  1. Scrape Wave - 3 seconds of medium frequency wave with radiating pulse, starting in the center and moving to the edge
  2. Strike Wave - delivers continuous pulses at medium frequency in 3 second intervals
  3. Cup Wave - 2.5 seconds of 20 tapping sensations, increasing to a high point
  4. Needle Wave - intermittent pulse at the same frequency
  5. Smooth Wave - 2 seconds wave, 10 even tapping sensations followed by a steady pulse
  6. Knead Wave - 3.5 seconds of an intense wave at the highest frequency